Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asal Usul North Sulawesi


Version: Aneke Sumarauw Pangkerego
In ancient times, on the west coast Pengunungan Wulur Mahatus coral reefs, there is a good shape. Coral reefs is not dihiraukan people because there are not people in surrounding areas.
Dimusim when a drought, so the sun light so that the sting out of the rocks of sweat. At that time also, terciptalah a woman beautiful. Karema name, while he stood menadahkan hands to heaven and prayed, "O, Kasuruan opo e wailan wangko." Means "Oh God the very large, if You wish, nyatakanlah where I was and give it friend for life."
Once finished the prayer, itupun rock split into two and mencullah a beautiful woman. Karema no longer own. He said to the woman, "Because you are a stone's sweat, you kuberi name Lumimuut., Your descendants will live long into the future and grow in beach sand as the sea, however, you must work hard squeeze sweat."
On one day, told Karema beautiful daughter who is handsome south facing and so that it gives the offspring of pregnant. Lumimuut also carry the mother's, but it does not happen anything, Because the south is not successful, Lumimuut been mengadap to the east, west, and north. This very day didak bring results.
Then the ceremony is held again. Lumimuut are facing towards the west are gale blow. The long run, after the ceremony finished, the body becomes Lumimuut others. In fact Lumimuut already pregnant.
During pregnancy, Lumimuut always kept and treated with loving by Karema.When the time comes, Lumimuut any child birth to men who are named Toar.Toar also be given the knowledge and ability as the Karema.
Growth toar body very quickly. Body form large, strong, sturdy, and strong. In the forest wilderness, Toar not and can not be scared by ditaklukkan Anoa, pig deer, and snakes.
After Toar adults, said Karema to Toar and Lumimuut, "Now is time for you both roam circumnavigate the world. I have provided two rods same length. Toar stick to the tree of tuis and stick to Lumimuut made from tree tawaang. If later in the odyssey, you meet someone with both men and women bring a stick like this, bandingkanlah stick with you. If you stick the same length, it means you are still bound to the family. However, if the stick is different and no longer the same length, you can form a household. Hopefully this happens and you will produce offspring. The offspring of you will live separate by mountains and jungle. However, it will have the will to remain united and successful. "
Nuwu (mandate) Karema a stock for Lumimuut and Toar in their odyssey.Mountain, hill and valley, and mounting them hope they lalui. Toar to the north and south Lumimuut. Tuis in the hands of Toar grow long, but tawaang remain in the hands of Lumimuut as usual,
On a full moon night, in the middle of the shine off moonshine, bertemulah Toar with Lumimuut. Appropriate mandate Karema, They compare each rod. In fact, they do not stick together again so that the long marriage ceremony was performed. Stars and moon as witnesses. Tor the implementation of the ceremony looked like a ball of gold. Mount it and then called Lolombulan.
After the wedding ceremony, they also find Karema. However, it was not found.Then, they settled in the mountains a lot of bamboo ditumbuhi tui (small bamboo). Therein they have children and grandchildren. For the descendants of children, twin-nine (semakarua siyouw), two times nine. Birth of offspring was always the sound of whistling birds greeted wala (doyot) as a reliable landmark to obtain the gift of generosity and blessing.
This story can be classified in the legend. Many of the Minahasa consider this as a story of truth even if to prove the truth is almost impossible. Moral message of the story is we should remember the advice of parents. In addition, although we fair or brave youth, kendaklah we always work hard to be worthy of living.
Quoted from: Book of Stories Minahasa people.
By: Aneke Sumarauw Pangkerego


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