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Minahasa Regional Languages

Minahasa Regional Languages

Language Minahasa region consists of:
- Tountemboan
- Tombulu Tonsea
- Toulour (Tondano)
- Tonsawang
- Ratahan-pasan
- Ponosakan
- Bantik

Language is the language Minahasa Minahasa area native language of the parent family of Minahasa, namely:

Tombulu language, which is in Tomohon as a sub-language ethnic Tombulu. This language has two dialects, namely the use of the prefix ni ni and the insertion in the sense perfektum. The first consists of the dialect-dialect Tomohon Sarongsong and Tombariri, and the second consists of the dialect-dialect Kakaskasen, Klabat Down (Paniki) and Ares (Kamangta and Sawangan). This language was first known by the newcomers, the West.

Tountemboan language, used in the South Minahasa languages as sub-ethnic Tountemboan. Teriri this language of the two major dialects, namely makela'i dialects and dialect matana'i those who call kela'i (maotou or the like) and they mention that tana'i (like that). Matana'i dialect used in Sonder and Kawangkoan and matana'i used in Langowan, Tompaso, Tareran / Rumoong and Tombasian / Amurang. This language is the language most speakers in Minahasa.

Tondano language or languages Toulour, as a sub-language ethnic Toulour who inhabit the regions around Lake Tondano to the East coast of Minahasa (Tondano Pante). Tondano language consists of three main dialects that dialect Tondano, Kakas dialect and the dialects Remboken. Dialects of the largest in area and number of speakers are in the North and the city Tondano Eris-Kombi. Kakas dialect in the district of Kakas and Remboken dialect in the district Remboken. There are also language speakers in this area colonization (local Minahasa transmigration) in the district of New Tompaso and Modoinding. In New Tompaso, the main dialect in the village dituturkan Tondano Pinaesaan, Kinalawiran, Kinaweruan, Liningaan, Bojonegoro, Kakas dialect in the village Temboan and Polimaaan and dialects Remboken in the village Kinamang. In District Modoinding there Kakas dialect speakers in the village Wulurmaatus Palolon, Makaaruyan, Pinasungkulan, Lineleyan and dialect speakers Remboken in the village Sinisir and Kakenturan and dialect speakers in the main village Mokobang Tondano.

Tonsea language, used in the North Minahasa languages as sub-ethnic Tonsea. This language consists of two dialects, the main dialect used Tonsea around Airmadidi, Tatelu, Minawerot and dialects Kalabat-up is around Maumbi and Likupang.

Tonsawang language as the language ethnic Tonsawang. They mention the sub-etnisnya as Toundano. This language is influenced by many as a second language Tountemboan of this ethnic boundary.

Ratahan language, used around the city Ratahan as a sub-language or ethnic Ratahan pasan or also called Bentenan. This language has similarities with the language Sangir.

Ponosakan language as a language sub-ethnic Ponosakan. The language is the only sub-ethnic groups in the Minahasa Islam. This language with the language berkerabat Bolaang Mongondow.

Bantik language as a language sub-ethnic Bantik. This language with the language berkerabat Sangir.


Monument of the Lord Jesus bless

Monument bless the Lord Jesus made by Ir. Ciputra ketingian located at 160 m from the sea permukaaan make Citraland have the city Manado Manado and Bunaken sea is beautiful and exotic to enjoy. The monument itself is located on the top of the hill at the Royal Highland 32 m from the main road to make the monument to be very artistic and beautiful. Peletakkan first stone made by the Governor of North Sulawesi, Bpk. Drs. Harri Santa Sarundajang and the Servant of God and Church leaders from various denominations is planned to be inaugurated on Sunday, 4 November 2007.

Successfully recorded in the Indonesian Record Museum as the highest statue in the four continents, namely Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. The statue of the monument the name of the Lord Jesus bless the statue is the second highest in the world after Jesus statue in Brazil. Sculptures at 30 meters was built in six months when standing upright above a height of 242 meters above sea level is in the district Tineleng, Manado.

Monument with an 20-kemiring this degree, under some statue of the Angel and the human statue that depicts the suffering of the people at the Minahasa in the Dutch design by the Dutch. And also any posts several biblical verses and symbols - the symbol of Minahasa. Please you can see the image for more details

You can click the image to enlarge photo. This is only a small image, there are about 200 photos of the Lord Jesus bless monument and also the image of housing Citraland in Manado. If you click the image then you will enter into a photo album and can see 200an images one by one, happy to see the beauty.


The Minahasa Asul Usul

The Minahasa Asul Usul

Authors: Ryker Marvyn

Lambang Minahasa

Indonesia, North Sulawesi, Manado. Native tribes there is Minahasa, and from which the original ancestor Minahasa tribe? according to the story of myth, myth is a sacred story, sacred and do not in any describe. Minahasa tribe ancestor is the Earth Goddess and the god of the sun bear offspring Minahasa, the story is told in the local language and who know only the Walian which is appointed by opo generation - generation. This story is usually told in general at the time of the ceremony Rumages, a story Toar Lumimu'ut. Toar sun god who always brighten and Minahasa Lumimu'ut Earth Goddess who gives fertility to the land of Minahasa and offspring.

Following a short story about Myth Minahasa I can tell the story as more information is confidential and only tell just in the heredity. Because if you told a lot going akan akan difficult questions that are described further, for example Earth Goddess on this native language Astoreth in the Bible. Sayapun can only be told about any such myths.

Then the ancestors of Minahasa at the beginning of the beginning? if the story based on fact?. from opinion Tandean, an expert in language and letter Ancient China, in 1997 came examine Watu Pinawetengan. Through any posts "Min Nan tou" is there in the stone, he said, tou Minahasa King Ming is derived from the land of Mongolia berimigrasi come to Minahasa. Meaning of Min Nan tou are "the descendants of the Sun King of the island. But strange as also known Ming Dynasty are not exactly Mongolia Ming Dynasty is a change that led Yuan Dynasty Mongol nation, by Kubilai Khan.

Based on the opinions of experts, among ALC Baekman and MB Van Der Jack that is derived from the same race Mongolscheplooi correlation with the Japanese and Mongolian is memiki lipit Mongolia. Indeed, the people familiar with the Mongolian way of life, fight with the 1 / 2 the time led by Genghis Khan, Mongol nation and does not spread except to go to Manado. Similarities with the Mongols in the system of belief can be seen on the original religion Minahasa as Mongolian Shamanism. And also led by a directly Walian entered by opo.Shamanism is the religion held firm in heredity by Mongol tribes. Can be seen also in Kalimantan Dayak, and Korea.

However, the Minahasa people are not just purely from the Mongols, but it is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and known to be descendants of Jews, but more influenced by Christianity. The actual original Minahasa from the Mongols, the intensity of war, and with the famous Jewish kecerdasannya.Indeed, as a Dutch Jew who go to India only up 1 place of worship in Indonesia, please see the synagogues in Tondano

As we know Manado in Indonesia the process spelled out by foreign nations because it spoiled by the Dutch and partners. And the very different characteristics with the Indonesian people in general.
Minahasa tribe divided into nine subsuku:

  1. Babontehu
  2. Bantik
  3. Pasan Ratahan (Tounpakewa)
  4. Ponosakan
  5. Tonsea
  6. Tontemboan
  7. Toulour
  8. Tonsawang
  9. Tombulu

Minahasa contain the name of a noble from the ancestors through musyarawarah with the pledge that all Minahasa tou and his descendants will always be harmonious in the spirit of cultural Sitou Timou Tumou tou. In other words tou Minahasa akan stick together (maesa) wherever he is based with the nature maesa-esaan (mutually united, unanimous), Maleo-leosan (mutual love and pity), magenang-pool (remember each other), malinga-lingaan ( hear each other), masawang-Sawangan (mutual help) and matombo-tomboloan (contradict each other). This is the foundation of unity tou Minahasa from which all values of native cultural traditions Minahasa (Richard Leirissa, Human Minahasa, 1995).

So even though people have Minahasa anywhere in the end will come back together and, at that time will occur at the end of the era, which no one who can. As opo Karema had the mandate for "the offspring of you will live separate by mountains and jungle. However, the willingness to remain united and successful."


Between the paintings by Prince Diponegoro Pieneman and Raden Saleh


War Oorlog Java or Java, led by Prince Diponegoro which lasted for 5 years, 1825-1830, the Netherlands is a no less than 15,000 soldiers (about 8000 soldiers and 7000 European berkebangsaan indigenous)and 20 million fund Gulden, and 200,000 civilian victims of the Javanese . Perhaps s etelah this war population of Yogyakarta shrink half. The colonial Dutch offer their own gift of 50,000 Gulden for anyone who can catch Prince Diponegoro.

A year before the war, and the Dutch colonial government aid troops from Fort Amsterdam (Manado).This army, known by the name Tulungan forces consisting of about 1500'an Minahasa people, with leaders pasukannya Groot Mayoor Tololiu HW Dotulong. These forces make the Prince Diponegoro finally "together" with the Netherlands on 28 March 1830.

As I quoted from the book Jessy Wenas, 2007, History and Culture Minahasa, pp. 51:

"But now Resident Netherlands Minahasa DEWPietermaat requested to help the Netherlands to fight in the P. Java. Minahasa forces called Tulungan (Tulong bantu = I), but better known as the warrior Manado, formed after the signing of the contract dated 23 December 1927. Minahasa diwaliki Abraham Dotulong and J. Kawilarang, and as a witness in the Netherlands is Lieutenant A. Voges, where in 1421 the Minahasa provide personnel. Minahasa troop leader is Mayoor Tololiu Herman Willem Dotulong (Sonder) age 34 years. He is assisted kapitein three for each walak that many serdadunya: Sonder-Tombasian, KEMA-Kalabat, Langouwan, Tondano (Touliang-Toulimambot), Tomohon and Saronsong. They, among others, Benjamin Sigar (Langouwan), D. Rotinsulu (Tonsea), and Polingkalim (Tondano). kapitein Each assisted two Lieutenant: two lieutenant Tondano is Supit and Alexander H. Wuisan, Langouwan Jahanis Sangari lieutenant, and lieutenant of the adjuvant is Tomohon Mandagi, Palar, and Mongula. "

"They leave the ship to P. Java on 29 March 1829 and returned to the Minahasa next year ..."

(source is: 1. Jessy Wenas, 2007, History and Culture Minahasa. 2nd note shipping / travel bode in

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BTW there is a long way from Java to Manado with the ship at that time? Trus kalo 50,000 Gulden is the same as the first Rupiah now?

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Picture below is just my interpretation of the time. Please input, protest, denial or correction of his friends.

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Asal Usul North Sulawesi


Version: Aneke Sumarauw Pangkerego
In ancient times, on the west coast Pengunungan Wulur Mahatus coral reefs, there is a good shape. Coral reefs is not dihiraukan people because there are not people in surrounding areas.
Dimusim when a drought, so the sun light so that the sting out of the rocks of sweat. At that time also, terciptalah a woman beautiful. Karema name, while he stood menadahkan hands to heaven and prayed, "O, Kasuruan opo e wailan wangko." Means "Oh God the very large, if You wish, nyatakanlah where I was and give it friend for life."
Once finished the prayer, itupun rock split into two and mencullah a beautiful woman. Karema no longer own. He said to the woman, "Because you are a stone's sweat, you kuberi name Lumimuut., Your descendants will live long into the future and grow in beach sand as the sea, however, you must work hard squeeze sweat."
On one day, told Karema beautiful daughter who is handsome south facing and so that it gives the offspring of pregnant. Lumimuut also carry the mother's, but it does not happen anything, Because the south is not successful, Lumimuut been mengadap to the east, west, and north. This very day didak bring results.
Then the ceremony is held again. Lumimuut are facing towards the west are gale blow. The long run, after the ceremony finished, the body becomes Lumimuut others. In fact Lumimuut already pregnant.
During pregnancy, Lumimuut always kept and treated with loving by Karema.When the time comes, Lumimuut any child birth to men who are named Toar.Toar also be given the knowledge and ability as the Karema.
Growth toar body very quickly. Body form large, strong, sturdy, and strong. In the forest wilderness, Toar not and can not be scared by ditaklukkan Anoa, pig deer, and snakes.
After Toar adults, said Karema to Toar and Lumimuut, "Now is time for you both roam circumnavigate the world. I have provided two rods same length. Toar stick to the tree of tuis and stick to Lumimuut made from tree tawaang. If later in the odyssey, you meet someone with both men and women bring a stick like this, bandingkanlah stick with you. If you stick the same length, it means you are still bound to the family. However, if the stick is different and no longer the same length, you can form a household. Hopefully this happens and you will produce offspring. The offspring of you will live separate by mountains and jungle. However, it will have the will to remain united and successful. "
Nuwu (mandate) Karema a stock for Lumimuut and Toar in their odyssey.Mountain, hill and valley, and mounting them hope they lalui. Toar to the north and south Lumimuut. Tuis in the hands of Toar grow long, but tawaang remain in the hands of Lumimuut as usual,
On a full moon night, in the middle of the shine off moonshine, bertemulah Toar with Lumimuut. Appropriate mandate Karema, They compare each rod. In fact, they do not stick together again so that the long marriage ceremony was performed. Stars and moon as witnesses. Tor the implementation of the ceremony looked like a ball of gold. Mount it and then called Lolombulan.
After the wedding ceremony, they also find Karema. However, it was not found.Then, they settled in the mountains a lot of bamboo ditumbuhi tui (small bamboo). Therein they have children and grandchildren. For the descendants of children, twin-nine (semakarua siyouw), two times nine. Birth of offspring was always the sound of whistling birds greeted wala (doyot) as a reliable landmark to obtain the gift of generosity and blessing.
This story can be classified in the legend. Many of the Minahasa consider this as a story of truth even if to prove the truth is almost impossible. Moral message of the story is we should remember the advice of parents. In addition, although we fair or brave youth, kendaklah we always work hard to be worthy of living.
Quoted from: Book of Stories Minahasa people.
By: Aneke Sumarauw Pangkerego

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Brigade Manguni with opo - opo

ARRIVAL AMERIKA PRESIDENT, George W Bush to India, on Monday (20/11), seems not only a matter of trial diributkan counter-demonstration. However supranatural forces, such as Ki Gendeng Pamungkas menyantet for the hard-working mencelakai United States President, the hot topic to be leaders of the world is coming.
Interestingly, almost simultaneously with dihari Ki Gendeng Pamungkas start menyantet Bush, the troops of customary land Minahasa industrious known Manguni Brigade (BM), was first fort for the United States President's influence-the influence of evil forces.

Traditional ceremony to ward forces and evil magic that was performed twice in the day "H" the coming of George W Bush to India.

First, in the morning Pinawetengan Watu (Kawangkoan) dawn, pukul 05.00 Wita. Rituals in the sacred place that believed this, the stakeholders-traditional stakeholders and the tonaas-tonaas Minahasa Minahasa traditional khusuk do.

Ritual procession led Tonaas Wangko Brigade Manguni, Decky Maengkom lasted almost 3 hours that, at the same time with a number of strange events. For instance, a bird Manguni that only hold a procession around the arena during the ritual in progress to complete.

After the traditional ceremony in the morning, Maengkom and the other tonaas given instructions to immediately go to one location, where the tombs of the ancient ancestor Minahasa.

Sorenya approximately 2 hours before George Bush board feet in Indonesia, the indigenous group of troops BM beringsut toward a particular location, such as instructions in the Watu Pinawentengan, namely, Waruga, Sawangan Minahasa Utara.
In the major Waruga journey, entourage diguyur by heavy rain, and kilatan-kilatan lightning strike berdesingan-nyambar from the sky.

Strangely, when the entourage arrived right dilokasi Waruga, immediately rain and lightning instantly direct blow as though dihalau a strength that is not visible. Witness to the incident, many people are damaged, including journalists who wonder dibautnya coverage directly.

In Waruga Sawangan, which is believed to be lucky and very able to provide power for supranatural who visit there, held back traditional ceremonies. Ritual directly led by Tonaas Wangko BM, Decky Maengkom and in dampingi Tonaas Rambi and Tonaas Supit.
Prophylactic mystical rituals of the ancestral graveyard in Minahasa this, start coincided with President Bush set foot in India, ie, at 17:00 Wita.

In procession, the Tonaas membaluti themselves with the customary clothes BM, Minahasa Hat, captikus bottle, incense, Paper Koran, and the stem 5 cigarettes.

Several times to the corral tombs tonaas (waruga) Dotu Kalalo. They make a variety of demand-demand via the discussion ended with a brief shouting.
"Opo-opo, keep soil Minahasa, Indonesia Keep, Keep ... Bush and SBY.Woooouuu ... .., I Yayat U Santi, "screaming tonaas Supit.

Decky Maengkom after its rituals, to the journalist, said that the ritual is the only advanced Waruga from Watu Pinawetengan ritual.

"We maintain the lead and the influence of Bush's mystical (magic, science) days before the ritual far prophylactic troops on this day," I Tonaas Wangko Dicky Maengkom.
Any purpose of this ritual, according to Maengkom, is to avert its santet Ki Gendeng Pamungkas menyantet ambition that George WBush.

"He is (Ki Gendeng) there is apanya. For history has proven tempo first, that citizens are able to catch Minahasa Imam Bonjol and Diponegoro, he said that in the great sciences," said Maengkom fervent, that the customary rituals capable Minahasa avert evil forces.

Reports: Vanny "Maemossa" Loupatty)

RW (Rintek Wu'uk) Ethnic Khas Manado

Culinary culture of Minahasa

Dogs are men's best friend.
.... and here's what happens when friends eat friends.

1. Abis tu toki dog, for he burned pa kase the abis bulu2.

2. Cut kase kong blah for the content of kaluar ulcer.

3. Cut / teto tu dog.
4. Depe this content so sore that kase kaluar.

5. Dog meat is so teto.
6. Momasa tu deng rampa2 RW, do not forget to seal kase rat sadiki.